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About Exact Diagnostics


To meet the exact quality control needs of clincal labs and assay manufacturers.

Quality Policy

By providing quality products and services to laboratories and manufacturers,
Exact Diagnostics aims to enhance patient care by ensuring the validity of
diagnostic and screening tests results.

Their Quality Management System ensures:

1 ) The commitment to customer and partner that requirements are met. 

2) Compliance with national and regional laws, regulations, and standards.

3)The highest quality of products is created.

You have reached the website of Qarad’s E-Labeling Services. This website is designed to make Instructions for Use and other documents available over the internet in a safe and error free way.

Type the unique KEY-CODE, which you find on the label of the product or on a leaflet which is put in the outer container of your product, in the area hereunder and you will have direct access to the correct version of the Instructions for Use that you look for. In order to skip this page in the future, you can also type the KEY-CODE directly in the web address(e.g. www.e-labeling.eu/QAR12345).

For comments or information on this service, contact us at info@e-labeling.eu.

Qarad is not responsible for the content of the documents on this website.

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