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Future Diagnostics

With 20+ year of expert experience and 150 IVD developments, our 70+ enthusiastic and highly skilled professionals are committed to accelerating healthcare innovation, providing high-quality assay development and manufacturing services. 

We are ISO13485 certified and boast our own FDA registered manufacturing facility, offering small to medium scale pilot and commercial production capabilities. 

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Nieuweweg 279
6603 BN Wijchen
The Netherlands

phone: +31 (0)24 64 52 900
fax: +31 (0)24 64 52 899


STAT-IO-I-PTH Immunoassay Kit - FDXPTH
Future Diagnostics
IFU Rev 3
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The STAT-IO-I-PTH system of Future Diagnostics is a unique aid in monitoring the intact PTH levels during parathyroidectomies.
Free 25OH Vitamin D ELISA
Our patented free 25OH Vitamin D ELISA is a CE-IVD marked, competitive two-step ELISA immunoassay.
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